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Welcome to Club 707

This is an RP based on Ai Yazawa's manga "NANA". First off, we are offering a disclaimer. We do not own NANA, nor any character associated to NANA. We opened this community for fun and amusement. If you think that we have infringed on any copywrite laws, we will say this, "We are *not* getting paid or demanding money for any of this. This is not ours."

Also, check out this link for the setting>>> http://community.livejournal.com/club_707/437.html#cutid1

Important Info:
Things that are the same as the manga:
The background shared between trapnest and Blast
Nana and Nana share a flat
Shin as the basist
Ren and Nana's past relationship

Things that are different:
Hachi is not pregnant
There are no relationships established as of yet besides the past one between Nana and Ren

more to come!

Now, here's some more information:


Nana Oosaki singinglotus
Nana "Hachi" Komatsu hachiko_komatsu
Shinichi Okazaki shins_pistols
Nobuo Terashima nobuo_terashima
Yasushi Takagi yasutakagi
Takumi Ichinose takumiisdasex
Ren Honjo ren_honjou
Reira Serizawa reira_serizawa
Naoki Fijieda pretty_naoki
Shoji Endo
Sachiko Kawamura
Junko Saotome
Kyosuke Takakura tokyokyou
Misato misato_na

To apply for a character, please make a post containing this:

1. Firstly, we would like this information:
Personal Information:
Character you wish to play: (check the list, please)
Second choice:
How much of Nana have you read/watched? (this is important so that there are no spoilers)
How did you first get interested in it?
Aim/Msn?Yahoo/Whatever. AIM is preferred though.:

2. Willingness to participate in community wide rp's
Are you willing to role play with all members in this guild?

3. Original Characters ((Only fill this out if you plan on applying to *be* an original Character))
Blast Fan or Trapnest Fan:
Biography: Be detailed, it will help determine whether or not you are accepted
Appearance: Same as biography.
Personality: Details.

4. Please write at least one *in character* paragraph so that we can see how you write. Thanks.

Also, if we haven't listed a character you'd like to play, tell us, and we'll add it for sure ^^
Before filling this out though, be sure to read the plotline post inside the community.

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-> Yazawa Family RPG on Live Journal