Yasushi Takagi (yasutakagi) wrote in club_707,
Yasushi Takagi

Blast meet-up.

Yo, minna.

It's been some time since our last live.* Hope you guys have been taking care of yourselves.

Actually, I'm a bit surprised that we pulled off that last live very well. We barely had enough practice beforehand. So I'm calling a meet-up to discuss our future plans. We won't be the biggest thing to hit Japan if we keep slacking off, you know.

Yosh. Nana's place at the appointed time, as always. See ya.

Oi, Nobu. You're buying the beer.

(*OOC: I guess it's safe to say that that particular live went well?)
(OOC2: Ne, we should try RP-ing over IM. So we can throw ideas at each other. Like what Trapnest did. How does that sound? ^__^ Hope we can sync our online times...)

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