iamapinkspider (iamapinkspider) wrote in club_707,

2nd Part of Trapnest get together

Hey all Trapnest members

this is a post stating part 2 of the Trapnest prelive get together is happening RIGHT NOW Get posting ^^

The order is Reira, Ren, Naoki and Takumi.
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[this is to remind us what the last part were of the 1st one]
[Reira {the songbird} says:
Reira's ears perked up a little when she heard they were going to the club. She knew it wouldn't happen in a million years, but maybe....with some slight chance, Shin would be there. "Yay! They have good drinks.."

[ren] trapnest's guitarist says:
Ren knew that Reira was excited more about seeing Shin. He doesn't know if Takumi would be happy about it. "You're always there, Reira. Don't you get tired of the drinks from that place?"]
Reira shook her head with a bright smile. "Not really. That's what makes the club stand out the most. Their drinks and music....I figured you would know that already, Ren."
"Yeah. I understand." Ren completely understood what Reira meant. The whole atmosphere of the club was so comfortable that he always want to hang out there.