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Rock on Club 707

Personal Information: Leanna, 16 - senior in high school. Music and fashion are my lovers.
Character you wish to play: Nana Oosaki
Second choice: Junko.
How much of Nana have you read/watched? I've read up to the latest Cookie chapter installment (VOL.17 CHAP. 61) and all the anime episodes inclusing 21.5 as well as the live-action movie.
How did you first get interested in it? I read the Nana O. version of Nana a long time ago and have forgotten all about it until I was at Borders and saw the Viz translated version of it and bought it and pretty much after I was done I went to obsessive mode and looked up everything about Nana, watched the movie the next day and the rest, as they say, is history!
AIM: singinglotusxx - specifically for rp-ing.
MSN: heart.fist@hotmail.com

Willingness to participate in community wide rp's
Are you willing to role play with all members in this guild? Of course!

Please write at least one *in character* paragraph so that we can see how you write. Thanks.

Nana hummed quietly to herself, testing the waters, testing herself. The stage was dark, the lights were off, she could barely see her own hands as it was rested on the mic. But then she smiled, the crowd was loud and apprehensive, she felt them thumping their feet hard on the ground, waiting, waiting for them. Waiting for her.

She continued to hum and then she heard him. Yasu behind her, he began the song, began that crazy beat, then Shin and Nobu picked up their parts, blasting away with their guitar and bass. Suddenly with a flash that made her momentarilly blind the stage was finally bright with light. The cheers of the crowd explosive and raw. Nana felt herself ignite, burning with heat and engulfed by the music.

As Nana sang, she felt the way her heart thumped heavily along with the music, she felt the way her heart swelling with intensity as the lyrics of the song stumbled out of her red painted lips and the way they felt so true, deep within her. It was such a thrill, it would leave her shaking in the end. Nana wanted to do this for as long as she could. This was for life and she would treasure it forever.

This was the first in character story I wrote before I realized I did it wrong. Just to share.

I couldn't help but smile as I heard Hachi sing her little heart out in the shower, unbeknownst to her that I could hear her quite well outside. Then I laughed as Hachi's voice dragged out a horrible shrill. She simply couldn't sing to save her life.

I took a sip of my Raffine drink and grimaced as it wasn't the same as beer which we had run out of and then took a long drag from my Seven Star, savoring the taste of the sweet tobacco. I blew out the smoke and watched it, hovering in a swirl of gray mist where it vanished slowly like a haunting ghost.

The sound of Hachi's voice began to tune out as I stared outside the window, out into the river. The blue water shimmering under the rays of the sun. I wonder what it felt like to...

"Nana!" I turned quickly to find Hachi in that pink robe of hers. She smiled brightley at me, with droplets water dripping on the floor.

I smiled back, "Hey." We quickly talked about what we would be doing that day, my last thought, while looking out the window, diminishing like the smoke, like a ghost.

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