radiculous (beelzenef) wrote in club_707,

I hate to have to do this

I'm going to have to lay on a rule for you guys. It's this: no godmodding.

Godmodding is when you make other people's characters do things that they haven't made their characters do and it's really uncool. You can only post what your character is doing. If someone wants to talk to you, they will, just don't make them do anything they haven't made themselves do, please. Thank you.

Please post a reply to this telling me you've read it.
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Since me and Beelzenef are the same person... yes I understand!
ok. and sorry if i did it 0_o;;;
That's fine. I'm not mad, just try not to do it again, please ^^

Got it. ^____^
I have read it...even if I'm a little late about it >.>
I just put it up last night XD
Read it, even if I've yet to jump in (damn Otakon & Junko MIA >_< )
Read it!