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The line of people is unending as you stand and wait to get in. You’ve heard of the club before, and you’ve heard that the rival bands there are the most amazing underground bands you can hear. At first you were skeptical, how can a band be that good and not be big? You thought. Then a friend of yours leant you a CD. It was obviously a low budget, multi burned copy, but you took it anyway. The word Black Stones was scrawled across the top haphazardly. Still you were skeptical.

Then you put it in your stereo.

As soon as the first heavy riffs on the guitar met your ears, you knew you’d like them. Once the scratchy voice of a woman hit you, you were in love. And now you’re here, outside of the hottest club in Tokyo, waiting to get inside.

You can see the neon light in the distance, proclaiming the entrance that you, and about a hundred and fifty other people are waiting to get in.

Black Stones isn’t the only band that plays here though, and you know it. Trapnest is their biggest rival band, and they have an equal following. Fans of one band are not fans of the other. Even if a Trapnest fan likes a Black Stones song, they will never admit it. To like both bands is death at Club 707.

Finally, you’re at the entrance. The bouncer eyes you wearily, but lets you and your friends pass. You’re psyched to see your new favorite band, and psyched to see what kind of mischief you can get into with the Trapnest fans.

So sit back and enjoy, or get up and mosh. Here we are at Club 707 and we’re going to rock.

((When applying for a character write 'Rock on Club 707' as the title of your post.))

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